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Protect Your Travel Adventures With Travel Insurance

May 11, 2024

Travel insurance should be a key part of any travel plan. It serves as a safety net to protect you from unforeseen circumstances which could impact or disrupt your trip. Below are just a few

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Beginner’s Guide To First-Time Cruising

May 7, 2024

Setting sail on your first cruise can be an exciting, yet overwhelming experience. Between all the different cruise lines, itineraries and activities to choose from, I believe it’s essential to have professional help in order

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What Exactly Is A Passport Card?

May 5, 2024

Personally, I was not really aware of a US passport card prior to becoming a professional travel advisor. I’ve had a regular passport since 2009 and just figured that’s all there was. Wrong! The US

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The Price You See Is Not Always The Price You Pay

Apr 25, 2024

Big news on the cruise pricing/advertising scene! In case you didn’t know, cruise companies can be misleading when it comes to their advertising. Some are worse than others, but they all do it to some

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Weekly Cruise Tips & Info

Apr 19, 2024

Are you looking for inspiration to get more from your travel experiences? If so, I’m always here to help. With in-depth personal cruising experience and expertise in planning cruises, subscribing to my weekly newsletter will

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5 Key Travel Tips

Apr 16, 2024

Travel can be intimidating for many people. From navigating where to go, how to get there and where to stay, to dealing with all the unknowns that could happen. As a result, I see a

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How To Choose The Right Cruise Ship

Apr 9, 2024

Choosing the right cruise ship for your vacation is crucial to ensuring you have an enjoyable and memorable experience. With so many cruise lines/ships out there, each offering unique features and itineraries, it’s essential to

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The Quirky World of Cruise Ducks

Apr 8, 2024

Cruise ships are known for their food, entertainment, awesome amenities, beautiful views, and memorable experiences. However, there’s one quirky tradition that’s been gaining in popularity among cruisers of all ages – cruise ducks. These little

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10 Tips To Battle Seasickness

Mar 28, 2024

One of the top reasons I hear for not wanting to cruise is “I’m afraid I’ll get sick”. I totally get it as that was my #1 reason as well. See, I’m very susceptible to

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