5 Airport Parking Options

An expense many forget about when planning air travel is the rising cost of airport parking. To put it bluntly, it can be pretty pricey depending on the airport you’re flying out of. Fortunately, when it comes to airport parking, there are options. From valet service to off-site lots, there are several parking choices to ensure your vehicle is  safe and secure while you’re away.

  1. Valet — Valet services provide the ultimate convenience, but with the highest price. Pull up to the airport, get out your bags, drop off your keys and go. Can’t really get more convenient. I must confess , in all my years of travel, I have never used valet service at the airport. Guess my expense account was never that big!
  2. Short Term — Short Term parking is typically closest to the terminal and ideal for travelers who are only going to be away a day or two. Best thing about short term parking is you can usually walk from your car to the terminal.
  3. Long Term — Long Term parking is great for travelers who are planning to be away for an extended period of time and prefer not to pay extra for the short term option. Depending on size of the airport, some long term lots are still within walking distance of the terminal. However the majority will require taking a shuttle to and from the terminal.
  4. Economy — Economy lots are great for budget-conscious travelers who still want to be somewhat close to the terminal. These lots are still on airport property, but far enough away that a shuttle ride is required. Please keep in mind not all airports have economy lots
  5. Off-Site — Off-site lots are often the most affordable option, but can also be the least convenient. As the name applies, they are not located on airport property and can be anywhere from 1-10 miles away. I have found the level of service provided by off-site vendors can vary greatly. Definitely want to do your research before booking, as. well as be on the lookout for discounts.

Of course the best parking option is to have someone take you to the airport and pick you up when you return!

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