Tips From Your Cruise Crew

The more we cruise, the more we enjoy spending time getting to know our ship’s crew. After all, they are the people working hard to ensure we have a great and memorable experience. While we all love the Captain, it’s really the cabin attendants, wait staff, bartenders and others who really make the magic happen.

The following are 4 tips from the crew they say you can do to help them better serve you:

  • Be nice. Sounds simple, but way too often I see guests going off on staff when there’s a problem. Trust me, that person didn’t get out of bed that morning with the thought of ruining your cruise at the top of their mind. From my personal hospitality experience I can assure you being nice will get you way farther than being rude and demanding.
  • When a problem arises, start first with your cabin attendant. They really are jacks of all trades and many times know exactly who to contact to get the problem resolved quickly.
  • Take the time to get to know crew members on a personal level. They are away from family and working 7 days/week for months to serve you. However, do keep it at arm’s length as cruise lines all have pretty strict guest fraternization rules in place.
  • Finally, take the time to complete the cruise survey and mention names of any crew you want to recognize for outstanding service. Your comments, especially mentioning crew by name, really do make a difference. If you need to, do like us and take a quick pic of their name badge. Some of those names are not too easy to spell!

Now get out there and start cruising!

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